Common AC Problems Owners Should Know

One of the reasons why air conditioner owners have to replace their common AC problems before ten years is due to irreparable damage to the important working parts of the system. This irreparable damage is often due to ignoring the initial phases of minor problems in the system.

Owners need to understand that if their air conditioners face any problems, these problems will not go away after a few days or weeks. These problems will stay and damage the system to the extent that you will have to replace them. The best way to avoid early replacement is to identify common problems with air conditioners timely and repair them at the earliest.

Issues with your AC

Poor indoor air quality

If you or your family suffer from breathing issues, you should take proper care of your air conditioner. Timely replace your air filters and check your ducts to maintain your indoor air quality levels. 

An air conditioner purifies the indoor air; if it does not work efficiently, bacteria and allergens will float in your indoor air, increasing your common AC problems.

Thermostat issues

The thermostat reads the right comfortable temperature for your home and instructs the air conditioner to work accordingly. If the thermostat has some wiring problems or is near a heat-generating appliance, it will read the wrong temperature, and your comfort levels will suffer. 

Check your thermostat and its batteries, and ensure its location is right. Moreover, you can contact a technician who provides air conditioning services in Yuma, AZ, to install a smart thermostat to avoid these issues.

Drain pipe issues

The drain pipe carries the water droplets that collect on the surface of evaporator coils and transfers them outside the system through the drain pan. If there are cracks on the drain pan or cloggings in the drain pipe. The collected water will start dripping, and your system will face leakage issues.

Contact a professional technician who provides air conditioning services in Yuma, AZ, to remove the cloggings and repair the drain pan to stop the leakage.

Connection issues

Connection issues are several problems. For example, the first connection issue is between the power supply and the system. If the power supply is inadequate, your system will not turn on. 

Another connection issue is between the thermostat and the system. Excessive working can bring wear and tear damage to the compressor, due to which the system will not turn on.

Dirty air filters

Air filters collect the dirt, pollutants, allergens, and bacteria in your indoor air to purify the air. If you do not clean them regularly. The dust on their surface clogs them, and they cannot purify the air anymore. 

Clogged air filters create breathing problems and skin rashes. Moreover, dirty air filters can also cause ice formation on the surface of evaporator coils. 


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