How To Cooling Your House When Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

Nothing can be scarier than thinking about an air conditioner breaking down abruptly on an extremely hot and humid day. This can worsen when you have to wait for an extended time for the professional for AC repair in Yuma, AZ, to come and look at your damaged air conditioning unit. 

Tips to keep your place cool when the AC stops working 

Electrical appliances are bound to show signs of malfunction at some point in their service life. If your air conditioning unit has broken down, leaving you sweating in this extreme heat, the first thing that you should do is to call up your HVAC contractor in Yuma for the repair or AC replacement Service.  However, the technicians might take some time due to extreme rush during the peak season. Hence, to assist you in overcoming the heat when an air conditioning unit stops working, we have listed below some of the essential tips you can follow to keep your place cool. 

Use more breathable fabric. 

Trying to sleep at a warmer temperature can be intolerable. Hence, to keep yourself and your house cool when an air conditioner is not working, you must always use breathable fabrics. For instance, you can use a breathable light-colored cotton bedsheet on your beds so that they absorb less heat.  Also, you can replace the blinds with cotton curtains and blankets or duvets with breathable cotton or bamboo bedding to regulate the temperature of your room. Similarly, you can further dress in lightweight cotton fabric to remain comfortable and protected from heat. 

Limit heat coming in from outside

West and south-facing rooms are the most different to keep cool, and these rooms can be hottest when the AC is not working. Hence, to keep these parts of your place cooler, you can use curtains over the windows to limit the heat and daylight coming in from outside.  Dark, thick shades with white reflective support are the most efficient for retaining a room cool that directly faces the sunlight. In addition to this, if you hold a natural cooling house design, there may be trees on the west and south sides to help cover your place in the noontime.

Chill the room with some ice

Pour a glass of water into a bowl, drop some ice cubes into it, and put your palm above the bowl. You can increase this chilling effect by placing a large piece of ice on a baking foil or in a china dish.  The chilling effect from the ice can assist you in keeping your place more comfortable and chill until the technicians arrive for your AC repair in Yuma, AZ.  By keeping in mind some of the tips mentioned above, you can easily keep your place cool while waiting for an HVAC technician to repair your broken air conditioning unit.  For all your maintenance, repairs, or AC replacement in Yuma, AZ, you can call us at (928) 783-7062 or drop us an email at [email protected]