How To Extend The Life Of The HVAC System?

On average, an HVAC system can last around 15 years in Arizona. Considering the various climates of the United States, if you are not using an AC, you would be using the furnace, and that’s why the continuous run takes a toll on your system.

Your HVAC system can last much longer with proper maintenance. Contact Comstock Air to get in touch with a professional HVAC contractor in Yuma.

How to prolong the life of your HVAC unit?

You can follow the given expert-approved tips to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system in the long term with fewer breakdowns.

Get regular maintenance from a professional

Schedule a professional inspection and service at least once a year. Your cooling system needs service in spring while your heating system requires service in the early fall.

You can also ask your contractor to combine the services per the requirements and perform a complete tuneup. It includes cleaning all internal parts, lubricating the motor, and all other essential repairs to ensure the safety and efficiency of your system.

Clean and replace the air filters regularly

Regular cleaning of air filters is essential if you want to maintain the uninterrupted airflow inside your home. With the removal of dirt and debris, your system will provide healthy air and suffer less wear and tear over time. However, it is better to replace the filters after every three months.

Install adequate insulation

Proper insulation is your friend if you want to keep your home at desired temperatures. With sealed windows, closed doors, curtains, and fixed insulation in the basement and attic, the air will stay indoors, and your HVAC system will suffer no strain. Thus, invest sufficient insulation in adding years to heating and cooling systems.

Upgrade your thermostat

A smart and programmable thermostat is a life changer when it comes to the lifespan of your HVAC system. You can set the smart thermostat and control the temperature inside your house from anywhere. Outside, you can set your thermostat with a smartphone so your house is preheated or precooled.

Check for leaks

A damaged refrigerant pipe can be dangerous to your family and cause accidents. Therefore, stay alert if you sense leaking ducts, blocked pipes, or hissing sounds due to refrigerant leaks.

Contact Comstock Air for the best air conditioning service in Yuma, AZ, to inspect all the drainage pipes regularly and fix the dripping lines. In the case of gas furnaces, keep an eye open for carbon monoxide leaks, and contact our HVAC professional for immediate repairs.

Use alternatives for heating and cooling

Try to turn off your HVAC system whenever possible. In winter, there is no harm in wearing warm clothes, using rugs and blankets, staying in the sun, and even using space heaters instead of relying on the furnace only. Similarly, use a fan and shades in summer to aid your AC in lasting for a long time.

From inspection to repair or 24 hours emergency heating services in Yuma, call Comstock Air at (928) 783-7062 and let us handle your HVAC system. We have been rated 5-star for our customer service all over Arizona. Visit our website to troubleshoot your AC and furnace issues today.