How to Prepare Your Heat-Pump for Winter

Seasonal transitions are more manageable when you have a heat-pump to keep your home comfortable. You can use the same equipment to both heats and cool your home. However, preventive maintenance is necessary to prevent any issues or repairs during the winter. To get your heat-pump ready for winter, you can contact our certified HVAC contractors in Yuma to check it before the cold weather arrives. 

Tips to Prepare the Heat Pump for Winter

Here is a list of some time-tested, smart tips from professionals to help prepare your heat pump is ready for winter:

  • Schedule preventive maintenance
    It is one of the most effective steps to maintain a heat pump. The heat pump runs all year round, which means you should get it serviced twice a year – once in spring and once in autumn.

    You can contact us for a heat pump service in Yuma, AZ, to get your heat pump serviced. The process will help to ensure improved performance, affordable electricity bills, and fewer breakdowns.

  • Protect the outdoor unit
    Firstly, build a blockade around the heat pump system to protect it. However, it may restrict airflow and damage the appliance.

    That is why you can adopt a better approach to install a manufacturer-designed cover that will prevent ice or snow from falling on the outdoor unit.

    You can also seek the advice of one of our HVAC contractors in Yuma to ensure that the heat pump’s structure does not restrict its performance.


  • Change the thermostat
    Your heat pumps have a reversing valve that enables them to function like an air conditioner. The process allows the appliance to pull heat from outdoor air and bring it inside your home. So, you can follow the simple and effective step of changing the thermostat’s status from ‘cool’ to ‘heat’ ahead of winter.

  • Change the air filter
    You must replace air filters every three to six months to help the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system of an HVAC run efficiently. However, minimal maintenance can bring positive effects during winter because changing air filters help protect the heat pump and improve air quality.

  • Check the air circulation
    You must constantly check the outdoor components of a heat pump to ensure it has plenty of air circulation. In addition, you can contact one of our skilled specialists specializing in heat pump repair in Yuma to check if the outdoor unit is clear of grass, leaves, weeds, and other yard debris.

  • Ask a professional
    Seek help from a certified and skilled professional who can provide a deeper insight into whether the heat pump is functioning efficiently. You can schedule a proper inspection, tune-up, and cleaning of the heat pump by contacting us for heat pump service in Yuma, AZ.

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