Problems with Choosing an Oversized Air Conditioner

If you are willing to buy a new air conditioner, you may think the best way to confirm a cool and comfortable home is to buy a larger unit than you need. This is not so. Installing an air conditioner that is too large for your home can cause many issues.

It’s essential to involve HVAC professionals in the process from the beginning, not just for the few hours it takes to install and connect the system. In addition, you want them to take proper measurements to ensure you have the right size unit for your home.

Comstock air conditioning provides AC tune-up in Yuma, AZ, which include these considerations before installing your air conditioner.

Common problems with oversized air conditioners

  • Increased humidity

    With a properly sized air conditioner in your home, the system will work with enough power to remove excess moisture. However, if you have a large unit, the system will only run for a few minutes at a time. In addition, moisture issues can lead to mold growth and cause health-related issues.

  • Higher electric bill

    In this hot season, utility bills tend to be higher than usual. That is because the air conditioner is almost always running to keep you cold. If you’ve noticed your electricity bill has increased, you probably have an oversized air conditioner.

  • Hot spots throughout the house

    Because your unit is oversized, your home will experience uneven cooling, which leads to hot spots. Again, it is because the air is not effectively distributed throughout the house. As a result, you will find that your home is cool and comfortable only in certain areas.

    The system will be overloaded when such temperature fluctuations occur more than necessary. That makes them prone to frequent repairs and breakdowns. Contact our experts for any AC repair in Yuma, AZ, and we will provide you with superior service.

  • More expensive

    The unit’s initial cost and the cost over time of the larger AC unit result in more cash outlay than the smaller units. If you need a larger system but want to reduce installation costs, buy a unit large enough to cool your home efficiently.

Contact Comstock Air Conditioning to help with AC sizing

To avoid such issues, it is always recommended to consult an air conditioner installation expert at the time of purchase. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right size air conditioner. Our HVAC experts can help you find your home’s best air conditioning system.

Whether upgrading your current air conditioner or building and installing a new one, our services are comprehensive and impeccable. Having the right size air conditioner in your home is very important to us. We want all our customers to have access to equipment that works efficiently and effectively all year round.

If you need help installing a new system, updating an old system, or doing ductless air conditioning repair in Yuma, call us or visit our website to know more about your air conditioning needs.