The Ultimate Guide To Air Conditioner Replacement

Undeniably, Arizona heat is extreme, and nobody wants to face this scorching heat without a working air conditioner. However, many invest in a new air conditioner, even when they can simply get it repaired. More often than not what your AC needs is a repair rather than replacement.

Here is the ultimate guide to air conditioner replacement in Yuma az:

When does your AC need replacement

The answer is obvious – when the air conditioner is not working anymore. If you have a malfunctioning or inefficient air conditioner, it is better to get a new one. You need a new AC if your answer to any of the following is yes:

  • You pay more for AC repairs every Fall and Spring.
  • Your air conditioner fails to keep the house cool. The AC might have a ‘hard start’ or doesn’t work like it used to do.
  • Your AC bills are unusually high. You have to shell out more money for energy consumption.

In such cases, you will need to hire a technician for ac service Yuma az.

How to choose the best AC

Buying an AC requires patience as it does not come cheap. The following checklist comes in handy when buying a new AC:

  • Energy consumption:

Energy consumption is important when buying an air conditioner. If you buy a more energy-efficient AC, you will save better on electricity bills. An AC with good energy efficiency is more sustainable for the environment as well.

  • Programmable thermostat:

A convenient feature of most air conditioners today. A programmable thermostat is a cool feature that allows the room to be cooled or heated up before you enter it.

  • The size:

The size of the AC matters a lot. Buying the right AC size for your house is important. You can refer to the energy star website for the AC size.

  • The type:

If your house cannot afford ductwork, you might look up a split ductless AC. Buying a split system is a good idea otherwise.

AC installation needs accuracy and experience. After buying a new AC, you need to call for an expert. A technician will take care of your piping, ductwork among others. It is a good idea to consult your technician before buying an AC replacement.

Improper installation 

It is important to have your AC installed properly. Without correct installation, you might do more harm than good to your AC. It’s better to rely on technicians with experience rather than look it up yourself or trust novices.

Will a new AC help?

Yes, a new AC unit will help you cut down on your electricity bills. Moreover, it will be more efficient in keeping your house cool. An air conditioner can work for about ten years, but you can extend its lifespan with regular maintenance.

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