Ways to Avoid Emergency AC Repair

Are you worried that the air conditioner will stop working this summer? If you live in a small and hot desert city like Yuma in Arizona, you must be aware that the summer season puts your air conditioning systems to the test. Is your air conditioner working properly? When the temperature stays around 100 degrees for a few days, you require a system to cope with the heat. Even small failures can have a huge impact on your comfort and budget.

Although not all failures are avoidable, there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of emergency air conditioning repairs.

These four tips will help you avoid expensive and inconvenient emergency AC Repair in Yuma, AZ.

Schedule AC Repairs Right Away 

Odd and unusual sounds or a small amount of ice accumulation does not seem to be major problems, but these problems may indicate a serious issue. If you find a problem with the cooling system in your home, make an appointment for proper AC repairs.

Replacing The Air Filter 

Replacing the air filter continually according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is one way to keep the air conditioner running efficiently. If you have pets or smoke indoors, you may need to replace your filter more frequently than recommended.

Program Your Thermostat Setting 

Setting the thermostat to 78°F throughout the day ensures that the air conditioner does not require working harder than it needs to. Buying a programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature higher when you are away and have it automatically turn back down before you go home.

Keep The Curtains & Drapes Closed During The Day

When the curtains of your rooms are open, the heat of the sun can warm your home and make the work of the air conditioner more difficult. By keeping the curtains closed, you can avoid the heat out and give your Air Conditioner a bit of a short break. 

Ensure you have sufficient insulation in the attic

The insulation in the attic helps keep the rest of the home cool. If you don’t have enough insulation to meet your needs, your air conditioner must work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Remove the dust and vegetation around the outdoor unit 

Your outdoor air conditioning system needs a lot of fresh air to dissipate heat. Regularly inspect and remove dust & vegetation around the equipment to keep the system operating effectively.

Use “fan-only” mode 

If your air conditioner has a “fan-only” mode, you can use it to discharge some strain from the compressor’s unit. Use the fan-only mode option to circulate already conditioned air throughout the house.

Give your air conditioner a professional tune-up 

You don’t even dream of traveling long distances in a broken car. Similarly, ignoring the air conditioning system issues will continue to cause problems in the future. At Comstock Air Conditioning, our professional tune-ups assist you to avoid AC Repair Yuma AZ while keeping your equipment in top condition.

From professional Air Conditioning Repairs to air conditioning service Yuma AZ, Comstock Air Conditioning provides everything you need to stay comfortable in Yuma, Arizona!