What are some of the most point furnace problems?

At some point, we all have to deal with issues relating to the furnace systems in our homes. When you find your heating system malfunctioning, you can go through the following tips to handle the issue yourself. However, if the problem is severe, contact furnace service Yuma AZ immediately. Some of the common furnace problems are explained below.

Damaged thermostat!

This problem is one of the most common problems that homeowners face with heating systems. One sure sign that your thermostat is not working properly is when your fan runs continuously despite shutting down the system.  This continued working will run out the battery of the thermostat, unnecessarily while decreasing the efficiency of the system. Check the setting of the fan in the thermostat and change it to AUTO if it is in ON mode.

Clogged and dirty air filters!

The intake which is needed for a furnace to function can be restricted by clogged and dirty filters. This will further damage your limit switch if left unnoticed. Clean your filters regularly to avoid problems and increase efficiency.

The pilot light turned in odd colors!

The pilot light indicates the proper functioning of your furnace unit. If you find that the light is flickering or is turning into a yellow color. It means that here is an excessive amounts of carbon monoxide in your system. Immediately contact heating services Yuma as this gas is harmful to us.

Cracks in the heat exchanger!

The heat exchanging is the components in your furnace unit that separates the air from fire, ensuring that the device works safely. If you overheat your room or if your air filters are clogged, the wheat exchanger may crack. Unfortunately, this is a constant repair. Schedule a visit with furnace service Yuma AZ. Usually, heat exchanger replacement is needed in these cases.

Malfunctioning blower belt!

The blower belt in your furnace is responsible for the proper working of the fan. It is located inside the motor and helps the fan to run. This belt may get damaged from time to time and needs to be replaced. Any high-pitched squealing sounds from the units is a sure sign that the blower belt is frayed.


If you inform that your furnace is cycling frequently, even when it just finished a cycle, it indicates that you have not replaced your dirty air filters. These frequent cycles can also be because of improper airflow. Starting your furnace too high or too low will also cause over-cycling. These frequent cycles will use more power and result in heavy electricity bills.

Malfunctioning limit switch!

The limit switch will communicate with your furnace thermostat to turn on or off based on your settings. If these switch is damaged or broken, the communication is cut off, while the commands do not reach the fan. As a result, you will find your fan running continuously or not turning on at all.  If you find that your furnace has any of the above-mentioned problems, contact heating services Yuma for repairs. You can check out to us at (928) 783-7062 to schedule services.