What should you do if your furnace breaks down?

Nothing is pleasant about waking up to a cold and poorly insulated house. But, in most cases, there are easy fixes that don’t require an expensive furnace repair service in Foothills, AZ. Even something as simple as adjusting your thermostat could make a difference.

You should perform some maintenance to prevent problems before winter arrives. But what if the system breaks down due to excessive working even after maintenance service?

Steps to take if you suspect a furnace breakdown

Here is what you should do if the furnace system goes out:

  • Check the power switch

First, check the power switch on your furnace. Some furnaces have switches on the unit, while others have a box on the wall that looks much like a switch. When a switch is off, turn it back on and wait a few minutes. It may have happened unintentionally during cleaning.

  • Avoid removing the access panel

The heater filter must be replaced by removing the access panel. Even though it may seem tempting to do it yourself, attempting to fix things yourself can cause serious problems in the future. There is a possibility that you will electrocute yourself if you don’t have any prior experience. That’s why calling our professional for furnace repair service in Foothill, AZ, is the best option.

  • Set the thermostat at the lowest setting

A thermostat can be bumped or reset, just like a power switch. The thermostat might have returned to its default setting if you had a recent power outage. You should ensure that your thermostat is set to heat and that it is set at least five degrees higher than the room temperature. Ensure your thermostat’s batteries are not dead or it is not disconnected.

  • Ensure that windows and doors are closed

When the furnace goes out, close all windows and exterior doors. As long as you cannot repair your heater, your goal should be to use the existing heat as much as possible in your home. You can block drafts by pulling heavy drapes over your windows. As a result, you can trap your body heat and other heat sources inside the rooms you use.

  • Wear layers

It will be easier to cope with the cold in your home if you are dressed appropriately. Heavy blankets help when lying on the couch or in bed. Sweaters and jackets can help you keep warm as you move around the house. It is also important to remember that much of your body heat escapes through your head, hands, and feet. Don’t forget to wear warm socks and gloves.

  • Schedule a heater repair service

Call a professional after addressing the basics of safety and common sense. It is essential to call furnace repair service in Foothills, AZ, as soon as possible during the winter to ensure you get prompt service. During very cold weather, you might need an emergency repair service.


Ignoring minor problems when your furnace goes out can be a problem later on, so it’s best to contact a professional immediately.

You can count on Comstock Air Conditioning, Heating, and Electricals for furnace services such as repairs and replacements. Contact our skilled team for more information or schedule a furnace repair service in Foothill, AZ, at (928) 783-7062.