Air Conditioner Service In Yuma, Foothills, Somerton, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioner Service In Yuma, Foothills, Somerton, San Luis, Welton, Winterhaven, Ross Corner, Bard, Araz Junction, Felicity, AZ and Surrounding Areas

AC Service and RepairAt Comstock Air Conditioning, we offer a wide selection of services to better assist you with your cooling. Our technicians well-prepared to deliver commercial and residential air conditioner service in Yuma, Foothills, Somerton, AZ, and surrounding areas. See what our satisfied customers say about our service by reading our Google reviews.

Air Conditioner Services We Offer

Installation & Replacement

Our certified technicians can install a new air conditioner in commercial and residential buildings. We work closely with your building team to ensure your cooling system is ready to keep you comfortable when the building is finished. If your air conditioner is over 10 years old or unreliable, it may be time to consider a replacement, we can help you choose an energy-efficient replacement AC and promptly install your new cooling system.

Maintenance & Tune-Up

An annual tune-up or routine maintenance plan can help you save money and prevent costly failures of your air conditioner. Our technicians are factory-trained and perform maintenance to keep your air conditioner running at peak performance.


Inspecting your air conditioner at least once per year will help keep it running efficiently and last longer. An annual inspection gives our technicians the opportunity to make improvements and find minor issues before they become major repairs. Planning your inspection before the warmer seasons will help prevent sudden losses in your efficient cooling.

Repair & Emergency Service

An air conditioner repair is not something you look forward to, but we strive to make your experience better. We offer 24/7 emergency service when restoring your cooling is urgent. Our technicians will arrive quickly to diagnose your air conditioner whether you are experiencing a minor leak or a major failure. We use high-quality parts to deliver a lasting solution, and we have a convenient troubleshooting tool to help you learn about the issue before we arrive.

Your air conditioner has many requirements. When purchasing a new air conditioner, you need suggestions and recommendations to pick the perfect unit for your home and loan with the time your air conditioner grows its repairing requirements.

Why You Need Professional Air Conditioning Services in Yuma, AZ?

An air conditioner is an electronic device. And for a person with little or no in-depth knowledge about the mechanism of an air conditioner, it is difficult to face all the challenges with their air conditioner alone. However, there are many issues with an air conditioner that can be resolved at home without professional guidance or knowledge. But most of the AC problems require expert tactics and tools to get fixed. If your air conditioner is not running correctly due to clogged air filters, condenser coils, or a dirty outdoor unit, you can instantly and effortlessly solve them. But you need to call a professional air conditioning service in Yuma, AZ, from Comstock Air Conditioning when:

Your AC Is Making A Strange Noise

Your air conditioner is a perfect example of “keeping calm while working hard.” But if it’s working less and making noise, their id some issue with the system. Your air conditioner is not meant to make any noise while operating. Thus, if you can experience any strange noise coming out from your air conditioner, it is best to call an air conditioning service in Yuma, AZ. Your air conditioner may have broken parts or components, and the reason of such noise can be due to friction between two or more AC components while operating.

Your AC Is Leaking Gas/Water

Gas and water leaking both can be dangerous for your air conditioner. While leaking of gas from your ac is harmful to your health, water leakages can be harmful to your home walls’ health. If you notice a lower cooling level in your AC, there can be a refrigerant leak in your AC, which needs to get addressed and refilled. You can also experience a pungent smell coming out from your AC if the system is leaking refrigerant. Call Comstock Air conditioning for heating services in Yuma, AZ.

Your AC Is Not Turning On

Sometimes when your AC doesn’t turn on at all, even after pressing the “ON” button a multiple times on your AC remote, you have nothing more to do. There can be many reasons for which your AC may turn off completely. And trying to turn your AC on repeatedly may harm your AC and lead to a complete breakdown. Calling an HVAC repair service is the best solution to help your AC to come to its normal state again.

Why Prefer Comstock Air Conditioning?

Well Trained Technicians

We have an industry-standard training process for our technicians, and the average experience all our technicians have on the field is 11 years.

Upfront and Budgeted Pricing

We offer upfront pricing to our customers before starting any job, and our services are incredibly budget-friendly

Modern Tools

We have all the manor and modern tools to bring back your AC to its normal state ASAP.

Rely On Comstock Air Conditioning for Your AC Service

When you trust Comstock Air Conditioning with your air conditioner service in Yuma, Foothills, Somerton, AZ, and surrounding areas, your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us at @ (928) 783-7062 to schedule your service appointment today or request a free estimate.