10 Furnace Safety Recommendations for Yuma, AZ Homeowners

As winter approaches, it is time to consider furnace service as a priority. It’s important to schedule maintenance services to ensure the efficient working of your unit because they use natural gas and electricity. Additionally, you should know what to do if you suspect your furnace is malfunctioning.

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The 10 most important safety recommendations for furnaces

Following these ten tips, you can keep your home and family safe when you prepare your furnace for cold weather.

  • Schedule maintenance services

A great way to keep your furnace safe is to check it regularly to see if any maintenance is needed. It would help if you had your furnace tuned up annually to ensure it is safe and performing at its best. During the maintenance service, our technician looks for cracks and ensures no additional repairs are necessary.

  • Keep vents and ducts clean

Ensure you vacuum out duct openings and air vents weekly to avoid dust accumulation. In addition, you should schedule a furnace service in Yuma, AZ, every one to three years to get the air ducts professionally cleaned. Clean ducts and vents also help in improving the furnace’s efficiency.

  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide gas can leak into your home due to a problem with your furnace. Mostly, it is due to blocked exhaust glue, but it can also be due to several other reasons. Carbon monoxide detectors should be checked once a month to ensure they are working appropriately.

  • Check smoke alarms

Ensure your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector are working perfectly. A combo unit of the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector can be installed during furnace installation. It is essential to detect the problems before they can cause chaos in your home.

  • Keep away the combustible items

It is important to keep flammable materials away from your furnace. If your furnace catches on fire, the flames can easily spread to flammable or combustible materials, rapidly spreading throughout your home.

  • Replace the air filter

Ensure your air filter is changed at least once every three months to maintain good indoor air quality and reduce the risk of HVAC problems.

  • Ensure airflow

The combustion of natural gas requires plenty of fresh air. The furnace won’t burn if there isn’t enough airflow. In addition, the pilot light can go out due to insufficient airflow. Schedule a maintenance service if you do not want your furnace to go off in the winter. Contact Comstock Air Conditioning, Heating, and Electricals furnace repair service in Foothills, AZ, if you require assistance.

  • Remove the clutter

Ensure that your home’s air ducts, furnace, and vents are clutter-free. Airflow is reduced when debris piles up in the ducts, and it causes the uneven temperature in some rooms.

  • Look out for problems!

Keep an eye on your furnace to catch problems before they become serious. A furnace repair service in Foothills, AZ, should be scheduled if your furnace isn’t providing enough heat, operates at a loud noise, or has a foul smell at home.

  • Proper installation

You can easily avoid most problems by calling our professionals to install it precisely. If you are thinking of installing a new one, hire our professional technicians to install a programmable thermostat to optimize its functioning.


Regular furnace maintenance can help save you a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. Comstock Air Conditioning Heating, and Electricals will help you if you need professional furnace maintenance and repair service in Yuma, AZ. Call (928) 783-7062 to talk to our experts.