5 Most Common Furnace Problems

With the onset of winter, homeowners scheduling furnace repair in Yuma becomes a regular affair. No matter how sturdy your unit is, the furnace can go wrong right in the middle of the season without warning. However, a service plan can fix some of these problems within minutes. If you’re lucky, you could even do some troubleshooting yourself. Nevertheless, knowing the most common furnace problems can help you avoid them.

There are a list of the five most common furnace problems:

Furnace not producing heat

Your furnace is there to produce heat, quite obviously. However, if it fails to do so, the inherent cause may or may not be serious. One of the most reasons could be the wrong thermostat setting. If your thermostat is turned on at a ‘fan’ setting, it will blow air across the house, but the air will not heat up.  Additionally, your furnace won’t produce heat if the thermostat isn’t turned on or not set to ‘heat’. As we can see, the correct thermostat setting has a lot to do with the furnace’s proper functioning. Moreover, another reason for the furnace not working could be the dirt-clogged air filters. This happens when you don’t change your air filters regularly. Ignition problems can also trigger the malfunctioning of the furnace. 

Short cycling

If your short furnace cycles or turns on and off frequently without attaining the right temperature, It is a tip of underlying problems. The furnace runs for a short period before turning off and keeps repeating this cycle repeatedly. Short cycling may often be due to restricted airflow.  Lack of airflow can often lead to overheating. To counter that, furnaces come with safety switches that shut down the system in the event of overheating. Clogged air filters often cause insufficient airflow. Therefore, you should first change the air filters when your furnace is short cycling. If, however, that doesn’t resolve the issue, contact an HVAC company for heating services in Yuma.

The furnace stopped working suddenly.

If your furnace stopped working suddenly, there might be several reasons behind it. Some possible reasons are problems with the circuit breaker, pilot light or ignition issues, restricted airflow, and triggering of the safety switch. We recommend that you schedule heating replacement in Yuma, AZ as soon as possible in such a situation. 

Noisy furnace

Weird noises emanating from your furnace could signal a need for inspection. A knocking or rattling noise is a sign of some component that needs to be tightened up or adjusted. A loud rumbling noise could signify the presence of fuel in the combustion chamber after the system has shut down. It is advisable to turn the systems off and call a service technician for repairs in such a situation. 

Furnace leaking water

Condensation leaks in the furnace can make water pool around it. This happens when the condensation pipe is clogged or has a leak. That is a common furnace problem, and you should call a technician if you face this issue.

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