6 Signs That You Need An Air Conditioner Replacement

On average, air conditioners last 10–15 years if you schedule maintenance services promptly. If you find that your cooling system is operating less effectively than it once did, or if your thermostat is not changing the temperature as it should, it’s time to call us for AC replacement in Yuma, AZ.

Signs that Indicate you Need AC System Replacement:

  • No cold air:

Your air conditioner probably needs to be fixed if you’re not getting any cool air. Any issues, from low refrigerant levels to a damaged compressor, could be to blame.

  • It doesn’t have good airflow:

Even though your home may be receiving cool air, you may have realized that your air conditioner isn’t operating as efficiently as it once did. It could indicate several factors, such as problems with the compressor in your air conditioner or blocked or damaged vents.

Our certified technicians are capable of handling these repairs; however, the expense of repairing may vary based on the age of your system and the severity of the issue. In situations where the repair cost is half or more of the installation cost, it may be more cost-effective to consider AC installation in Foothills, AZ.

  • You’ve never heard these strange sounds before:

If you are hearing noises that seem out of the ordinary, such as grinding, rattling, hammering, and screeching, it is a sign you require the assistance of an AC replacement expert in Yuma, AZ.

Contact our experts to find out what the issue may be. These noises frequently indicate a problem that, if left unattended, could result in a more expensive repair or the need for replacement.

  • You’ve had it for over ten to fifteen years:

The typical lifespan of an AC system is 10 to 15 years. If your system is older than that, your investment yielded a fantastic return. However, an upgrade can save money since more recent models emphasize the energy economy. You should contact us for AC replacement in Foothills, AZ, to find a high-tech AC model when your outdated equipment malfunctions.

  • Your air conditioner requires periodic repairs:

It could be time to give up on your old system if you repeatedly spend money on the same system’s repairs. It will eventually be more economical to replace it if a home warranty does not cover the potential cost of repairs.

  • You discovered leaks and moisture all around the appliance:

While there may occasionally be condensation in the area around an air conditioner, many leaks could indicate a much bigger issue. For example, you can have a serious problem that requires immediate attention if you have a refrigerant leak or see significant water pools around your air conditioning unit.

Bottom line,

A new air conditioner shouldn’t be an unplanned expenditure. By monitoring the performance of your air conditioner and these warning signs, you can determine when it’s time to replace an AC and plan your budget accordingly.

If you feel your AC is working inefficiently, call our Comstock Air experts today. Your comfort is our top priority when you entrust Comstock Air for AC replacement in Foothills, AZ, and the surrounding areas.