6 Tricks To Catching Air Conditioner Problems Early

As all residents of Yuma might know, air conditioner problems are difficult to handle. HVAC repairs can be expensive, and this makes calling a contractor all the more tiring. Thankfully, there are ways to diagnose your AC’s condition.  If you know where to look, you can detect the problem early on and solve it. This will save you the trouble of calling an AC contractor in Yuma, AZ

6 tips to catching AC problems

Check the airflow

The airflow of your air conditioning unit is the easiest indicator. If the air conditioner is blowing out steady, cool air throughout the cycle, your AC is working fine. But, if you notice warm air coming out, or if the cooling cycles are infrequent, then your air conditioning unit is heading towards a problem. 

Keep listening to the sounds

An air conditioner, like any normal machine, should make a low humming sound while working. But if you hear rattling, banging, chipping, or any other unusual noise, it’s a sign something is broken. This is generally due to a broken mechanical part like a plate or a fan.  If the noises go on for a long time, call in for air conditioning service in Yuma, AZ.

Humidity levels

Your air conditioner is programmed to maintain a single humidity level in your home. But if you notice the house is too humid, or if different rooms have different humidity levels, then your AC has a problem. 

Listen for water drops

If you notice water leaks on your floor, it’s clear your AC has a problem. But did you know that water has to saturate inside your unit before it comes out? So, by the time you notice a puddle, your AC is in trouble. Therefore, you should constantly listen to dripping noise. 

Keep a tab on your repairs

Generally, an AC should not need maintenance and repair services for more than a year. But if you’ve searched for an air conditioning service in Yuma, AZ, more than 2-3 times in the past year, maybe your AC’s problem isn’t being solved. We recommend marking all visits from a technician on a calendar.

Keep smelling your home:

 Air conditioners generally don’t make your home smell bad. But if you notice a bad odor in your home every time your AC is turned on, your AC may have bacteria growing inside the unit.  These are the six short indicators you need to look for. Calling a reliable AC contractor can also go a long way in getting your AC fixed. If you’re looking for an adorable air conditioning service in Yuma, AZ, we can help you save the time you would usually spend diagnosing your air conditioner.  With our experience and affordably priced packages, make us your number one choice. You can easily find us by searching ‘AC Contractor in Yuma, AZ‘ or reach us by calling at (928)783-7062. Or you can email your queries to [email protected].