Can I replace my old air conditioner on my own?

One simple and straight answer to this question is NO. You cannot replace your air conditioning unit yourself. Even if you are completely aware of the process, you cannot do it on your own as the whole components may cause potential harm to you. 

Dealing with electrical devices on your own is not advisable. It takes an experienced and licensed technician to find the ideal air conditioner size for your home. There are follow-up steps after installation such as ductwork balancing, retrofitting the ductwork, and ensuring that the thermostat is ideal for the unit. All these can be performed safely only by an AC tune-up in Yuma AZ.

Reasons why you should not try to replace your air conditioner on your own

  • One of the main reasons is the follow-up work that ensures the optimal performance of the device. This can be only handled by a professional.
  • You might think that once you get to install the components together the task is done. But installation is only half of the complete process. The other half involves the removal of old equipment. 
  • Removing and disposing of the old equipment can be a tedious and tricky job. There is a health hazard involved, too, as the chemicals like freon are involved. Contact AC repair Yuma AZ if you want your AC unit replaced instead.

How to save money while installing a new air conditioning unit

You are saving money by simply replacing the old unit with a new model. This savings is because the new models have efficient SEEr rating and consume less power comparatively.

However, the following are some additional tips to save money even more.

Replace the furnace at the same time

If you are replacing your air conditioning units when it is 10 – 15 years old, you know that the furnace got old and will wear out soon too. Therefore, consider replacing your furnace along with your air conditioner. Even though the furnace has 1 or 2 years left, replacing both the units at the same time will save you many bucks.

Furthermore, you can even avoid the repairs that worn-out furnaces will cause in the future. By replacing both the furnace and air conditioner, you can get a thermostat that is compatible with both units. Contact AC repair Yuma AZ to get an estimate of how many years your unit still has and make the decision.

Consider the financing programs!

The financing programs will help you to upgrade your home heating and cooling devices without hassle. These programs usually have no interest rates and provide quality equity for your home needs.

Depending upon the condition of your air conditioner, an HVAC expert can provide you with better guidance in saving money by using your unit optimally. For AC service in Yuma AZ, contact us at (928) 783-7062 to get a full maintenance checkup. You can mail us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment for air conditioning services, repairs, and installations.