Ductless Mini-Splits Vs. Central Air: Pros And Cons

Do you need a new air conditioning system? If so, you may wonder which system is right for you. Two of the most popular options are ductless mini-splits and central air.

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To help you make a smart decision, we present below some pros and cons of each system.

Ductless Mini-Splits: Pros And Cons

Ductless mini-split systems in Foothills, AZ, are an increasingly popular air conditioning option for homes and businesses. These systems offer many benefits over traditional central air systems. However, like any HVAC system, ductless mini-splits have pros and cons that you should consider before deciding. Contact Comstock Air Conditioning to learn more, or schedule your ductless air conditioning repair in Yuma if you have any problems with your system. Outlined here are the pros and cons of ductless mini-splits:


  • Energy Efficiency: Ductless mini-splits are very energy-efficient. They use less energy than traditional central air systems because they don’t have ductwork. Ductwork can account for up to 30% of energy loss in a central air system.
  • Zoning: Ductless mini-splits allow for zoning, which means you can control the temperature in different rooms of your home. This is great for homes with multiple levels or rooms with different temperature needs.
  • Easy Installation: Ductless mini-splits are easy to install because they don’t require ductwork. Installation can be completed in one day.


  • Higher Cost: Ductless mini-splits can be more expensive upfront than central air systems. However, they may be less expensive in the long run due to their energy efficiency.
  • Limited Capacity: Ductless mini-splits are typically only suitable for cooling small to medium-sized spaces. They may not be able to cool larger homes or commercial spaces.
  • Aesthetics: While ductless mini-splits are compact and can blend well with your home decor, they still require a unit to be mounted on the wall.

Central Air: Pros And Cons

Central air systems have been a popular choice for air conditioning in homes and businesses with ductwork for many years. These systems consist of a central unit that distributes cool air through ductwork to all the rooms in the building. While central air systems offer many benefits, they also come with their own set of drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of central air systems:


  • Whole-House Cooling: Central air systems can cool your entire home. They are great for homes with ductwork because they can distribute cool air evenly throughout your home.
  • Cost-Effective: Central air systems are typically less expensive upfront than ductless mini-splits. However, they may be more expensive to operate in the long run due to their energy usage.
  • Suitable for Larger Homes: Central air systems are suitable for larger homes and commercial spaces.


  • Energy Inefficiency: Central air systems are less energy-efficient than ductless mini-splits. They can lose up to 30% of their energy through ductwork.
  • No Zoning: Central air systems do not allow for zoning, which means you can’t control the temperature in different rooms of your home.
  • Difficult Installation: Central air systems require ductwork, making installation difficult and time-consuming.

Which System Is Right For You?

The decision between ductless mini-splits and central air systems ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and your home or business needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Do you have ductwork in your home or business? A central air system may be a more cost-effective option.
  • Do you need to cool multiple rooms with different temperature needs? If so, a ductless mini-split system may be a better option.
  • What is your budget? Ductless mini-splits can be more expensive upfront, but they may save you money in the long run due to their energy efficiency.

If you’re still doubtful about which system is right for you, contact Comstock Air Conditioning, one of the best HVAC contractors in Yuma. Our experienced technicians can help you determine which system will meet your needs. We can also install, maintain and repair either system for you. So contact us right away to find out more about our services!