How Long Does a Furnace Run Per Day?

Sitting in your warm and cozy home, reading a book, and sipping coffee at the peak of winter is the ultimate state of restfulness. These are the days when you realize how important your home furnace or heating replacement Yuma AZ really is. To make sure that your furnace performs at its best throughout the cold winter, it is important to know if you are taking good care of it. In this article, we will find out
  • How long does a furnace typically run in a day?
  • How can you improve its efficiency?
  • Who can help you in providing the best service in Yuma, Arizona, and the surrounding areas

Run times

The average run time for your home furnace is between 10 to 15 minutes per cycle. Your furnace typically runs 2 to 3 cycles every hour to maintain your desired temperature. It is important to understand here that some external factors have an effect on the number of cycles your furnace might require. These factors include:

1) Outside Temperature

Outside temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the length of your furnace’s heating cycle. When the outside temperature is extremely cold, your furnace needs longer cycles to warm up your home.

2) Thermostat temperature

The temperature you set your thermostat at determines the run cycles for your furnace. The closer you get to your furnace’s operating limits, the longer your furnace will have to run to keep your home warm.

Why is the run time so important?

The running time of your furnace directly determines its efficiency. Excessive starting-ups and switching-downs consume a lot of energy. Keeping your furnace running for long periods of time also causes it to degrade faster. Overloading your furnace by making it run beyond its capabilities can spike up electric bills, decrease its efficiency, and result in a complete breakdown.

What can cause inconsistent run times?

1) Dirty filters

Air filters clogged due to dust and debris can put excess pressure on your furnace causing it to heat up.

2) Duct design

If your ducts don’t allow free movement of air, your furnace will take longer cycles to bring your home to a desired warm temperature.

3) Inefficient Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is responsible for heating up the incoming air and supplying it to warm your home. In case of a malfunction within the heat exchanger, your furnace will take longer to heat up your room.

Furnace Service Yuma AZ – Who can help you?

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