Top Reasons to Call an HVAC Professional

If you do not have professional maintenance personnel, even minor problems with heating or air conditioning can exacerbate and damage your Yuma residence in Arizona. If you delay repairs, you may need to replace the HVAC system, and water and electricity bills may increase. It would help if you could get your HVAC equipment inspection done in your home at least once a year to avoid problems. 

In summer, high temperature and humidity will put tremendous pressure on our air conditioning system, which leads to overuse and malfunction. Simple fixes can now save your time, money, and trouble. Therefore, be on the lookout for these signs to call an HVAC professional before it is too late! 

An Uncomfortable Home

You may need to repair the HVAC system if you have cold or warm areas in your home. You may also find that the device turns on and off more frequently than usual. Check the air filter on the HVAC system. Replace the filter if it is dirty. Then remove accumulated debris like leaves, dirt, grass clippings, and branches from the outdoor unit. In addition, please make sure all air conditioners are turned on and keep them away from furniture and carpets. If the problem persists, the air duct may be dirty or leaking. Or there is a problem with the unit’s blower motor of the device.

Poor Airflow 

If you find that the airflow from the vent has weakened or stopped, it means that the air cannot circulate normally to cool the room. It may mean that you have a duct problem or have a problem with the system’s compressor.

Bad Smells Or Unusual Odors 

When the air conditioner in your home is not working properly, the indoor humidity will increase, especially in summer. Excessive humidity can cause mold, mildew, and musty odors. If you smell gas or a burning gasoline smell in the winter, leave your house immediately and call a professional.

Odd and Unusual Sounds 

Your HVAC system should be relatively quiet during operation. Loud noise, crashing, or squeaking is signs of malfunction. When pests are in the air duct, you will also hear scurrying, buzzing, or shaking noises. Strange sounds could be only a loose screw, but you should conduct a professional noise check because it may indicate a serious problem.

Your System is Inefficient 

A well-maintained HVAC system can provide you with the best combination of energy efficiency and performance. However, if your HVAC system suddenly starts to drop in efficiency, or your water and electricity bills spike suddenly, it indicates that you may need to schedule a maintenance service appointment. 

If any of the above signs are happening to your system, contact Comstock Air Conditioning Yuma AZ to diagnose and resolve the problem.

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