What is the most suitable way to run your furnace?

We should maintain a few things to keep our furnace perfect and workable. The furnace repair services in Yuma are very reputed, especially the heating services in Yuma.

Inspect and replace furnace filters

The furnace filter traps allergens floating in the air like dust, dirt, pollen, and pet hair. However, we need to make sure that we change the dirty furnace filter every three to twelve months so that the furnace continues to run efficiently.

Unblock air vents and registers

If we have been rearranging the furniture since the last time we operated our furnace, we will want to make sure that there is nothing to interfere with the register, radiator, or baseboard heater. It is not uncommon to block air vents, furniture, toys, or even heavy curtains.

Program thermostat for winter

The best way to save money this year is to program the thermostat for cold weather. This means the programmable thermostat is comfortable for low temperatures. The lower the temperature of the thermostat, the less energy the furnace will use to heat the room.

Furnace maintenance schedule

Schedule the furnace tune-up in the fall so that any repairs are completed before the first snow. The HVAC contractor technicians can replace dirty filters and repair necessary furnaces.

Remove the airflow barrier from the furnace

Most of us keep our HVAC appliances such as furnaces and air conditioners air handlers in the basement or garage. We should be sure to keep a three to the five-foot area around our furnace clean for good airflow. This is a safety issue because we are burning gas.

Use the warmth of the sun

Planting deciduous trees on the south and east sides of the house provides shade on hot days. When trees lose their leaves, they give the sun warmth to warm the house in winter. We should use passive solar heat.

Set the ceiling fans clockwise

If you have a ceiling fan, change the rotation of the blade clockwise for the winter. This will pull in the cold air and push the frozen warm air down the wall where you are. This keeps the rising warm air hanging around the ceiling when you shake it down.

Use the oven for baking

In summer, we encourage the use of microwaves or toaster ovens to reduce the heat-producing material in the house. In winter, bake everything as you like. 

Observe the humidity level

The higher the humidity in the air, the warmer we feel, because sweat has a harder time evaporating. This is why, in summer, it feels hotter when there is more humidity. In winter we face the opposite problem.

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