Winter HVAC Maintenance Guide

Every winter, your HVAC system has to work efficiently to give you and your family the desired comfort you require. To make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently without any costly repairs, preventative maintenance is the best option. Comstock Air Conditioning offers premium furnace repair service in Yuma, AZ and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information!

Winter HVAC upkeep guide.

This guide consists of the following essential tips:

  • Clean the air filter
    Air filters are important in screening out all the impurities from the indoor air, and only clean air flows through your home. At times, when these filters are clogged with dirt, debris, allergens, pollen, and other contaminants, the airflow decreases, and your system has to work harder.
    To ensure better indoor air quality and health, clean the filters before they are clogged. Replacing them every three months also helps prevent system breakdown.
  • Upgrade home insulation
    Proper insulation is a good investment. Know that if your attic, basement, doors, and windows are sealed, there is no chance the hot air will escape your house. Thus, your home’s temperature is easily maintained, and the HVAC unit faces no burden.
    Ask our HVAC contractor to inspect for air gaps and attic insulation so that you can add the necessities before the arrival of winter.
  • Prepare your thermostat
    The thermostat is a programmable device that works on batteries, so make sure to add new batteries before your seasonal operation. If you do not own a smart thermostat, you can upgrade this year and plan your successive energy savings over the winter.
    This way, you can set your thermostat at a low temperature when not in use and increase the temperature whenever you want. Program your weekends and daily schedule with a smart thermostat, and forget the need for constant adjustment.
  • Clean the vents
    The ventilation system of your HVAC unit might also accumulate dirt and dust during the off-season, which can lower the indoor air quality and result in blocked ducts. Ask our HVAC contractor in Yuma to clean the buildup and release the strain from the system. You can also clean the outer vents regularly with a vacuum and hose before the annual tune-up.
  • Cover the outdoor unit
    It would be best if you kept snow and debris out of the outdoor condenser unit in winter so that the HVAC system runs uninterrupted. Buy an affordable outdoor unit cover. It will cut the cost for unnecessary repairs.
  • Inspect leaking ducts
    Leaky ducts are a big threat to the heating efficiency of your system. It is a waste of heat if your ducts can’t deliver it to the required rooms and lose all heat through some duct cracks.

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